Dorsey Anderson

Blond vocalist Dorsey Anderson was a native of Woodbury, New Jersey. He later moved to California and attended Santa Monica Junior College. Anderson sang with Jan Savitt in 1938 and had joined Tony Pastor by November 1940, with whom he recorded.

Drafted in the summer of 1941, Anderson was stationed at Camp Lee, Virginia. He received a weekend furlough in early November to sing with Pastor’s band at nearby Washington and Lee University. Anderson was out of the service in early 1942, rejoining Pastor in March and April. He disappears from the historical record after that.


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  • Let's Dream This One Out
    Tony Pastor (Dorsey Anderson), 1940 (Bluebird)
  • I'm New at This
    Tony Pastor (Dorsey Anderson), 1940 (Bluebird)
  • You Should Be Set to Music
    Tony Pastor (Dorsey Anderson), 1940 (Bluebird)
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Tony Pastor (Dorsey Anderson), 1941 (Bluebird)
  • Number Ten Lullaby Lane
    Tony Pastor (Linda Keene, Johnny McAfee, Tony Pastor, Dorsey Anderson), 1941 (Bluebird)
  • Maria Elena
    Tony Pastor (Dorsey Anderson), 1941 (Bluebird)
  • Green Eyes
    Tony Pastor (Dorsey Anderson), 1941 (Bluebird)

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