Johnny McAfee

Saxophonist and vocalist Johnny McAfee sang with Johnny Hamp in the early 1930s, Leighton Noble in 1937 and 1938, and Eddie Duchin in 1940 before singing with Tony Pastor in 1941. He left Pastor in early 1942 for a very brief stay with Benny Goodman before settling into Harry James’ orchestra in July. With James, he reached his peak in popularity, singing on several hit songs and earning ninth place in Billboard magazine’s 1943 annual college poll for male band vocalists.

McAfee got caught in the draft mid-1943. When he returned in 1946, he joined Charlie Barnet, but by then his career was effectively over and he vanishes from the records until 1963, when he was found working nights with Vincent Lopez’s orchestra at the Taft Grill while driving a cab during the day.


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  • Daybreak
    Harry James (Johnny McAfee), Columbia (1942)

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  • That Did It Marie
    "That Did It Marie"
    Tony Pastor (Johnny McAfee, Eugenie Baird)

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