June Hutton

Vocalist June Hutton was the half-sister of bandleader Ina Ray Hutton, for whom she sang in the late 1930s under the name of Elaine Merritt. In late 1941, orchestra leader Charlie Spivak teamed her with the three male members of the Stardusters vocal group and began to heavily feature the quartet in performances and on recordings. Hutton often sang lead and was at times billed under her own name. When Spivak fired the Stardusters in September 1943, Hutton quit the act and decided to pursue a solo career.

In June 1944, Hutton replaced Jo Stafford as a member of the Pied Pipers. In doing so, she became a member of the Chesterfield family of radio personalities, which included Stafford, orchestra leader Paul Weston, and Johnny Mercer, singer and founder of Capitol Records. She recorded the memorable hit song “Dream” with the Pipers that year as well as a duet with Mercer under her own name, with the Pipers backing. She also recorded with Weston’s orchestra in 1944. Though the recordings had the orchestra leader’s name on them, they were designed to push Hutton as a singer.

In late 1949, Hutton left the Pipers to go solo, recording for Decca. She made regular appearances on Frank Sinatra’s television program in 1951, where she met conductor Axel Stordahl. The two were married that same year. In 1952, she signed with Capitol Records again, where Stordahl backed her on many recordings over the next few years. She often sang accompanied by an all-male vocal group, the Boys Next Door. During this time, she also recorded several duets with Gordon McRae.

Hutton released her final recordings in 1957 on the TOPS label. She retired soon after. June Hutton passed away in 1973.


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  • I Surrender Dear
    Charlie Spivak (June Hutton and the Stardusters), Okeh (1941)
  • This Is No Laughing Matter
    Charlie Spivak (June Hutton and the Stardusters), Okeh (1941)
  • Papa Nicolini
    Charlie Spivak (Garry Stevens and the Stardusters), Okeh (1941)
  • At Last
    Charlie Spivak (Garry Stevens and the Stardusters), Columbia (1942)

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  • One Night Stand: Charlie Spivak
    October 1, 1943 (AFRS) 29:31


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  • Time Alone Will Tell
    "Time Alone Will Tell"
    Charlie Spivak (Stardusters)
    from the film Pin Up Girl, 20th Century Fox (1944)
  • P.S. I Love You
    "P.S. I Love You"
    June Hutton, Guy Lombardo

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