Lynn Gardner

Vocalist Lynn Gardner sang with Will Bradley in 1941 and 1942. When co-leader Ray McKinley split the band in January 1942, she remained with Bradley. She made two soundies with the orchestra: “I’m Tired of Waiting for You” in 1941 and “Jack and Jill” in 1942. She left Bradley for Bob Allen’s group in September 1942, staying until March 1943.

In November 1943, Gardner opened on Broadway as one of the stars of the musical What’s Up?, with music by Lerner and Lowe. After the show closed on January 4, 1944, she hit the hotel and theater circuit as a solo artist, landing the role of featured vocalist on Bob Hawk’s Thanks to the Yanks radio program later that year. She left Hawk’s show in March 1945 in anticipation of her May wedding to Al Durante, the assistant director of radio publicity for the J. Walter Thompson agency.

Gardner seemingly retired after her marriage or at least vanished from the public eye. She was alive as of 2009.

A bomber was named after Gardner during World War II.


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  • I'm Tired of Waiting for You
    "I'm Tired of Waiting for You"
    Will Bradley (Lynn Gardner, Ray McKinley)
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