Marilyn Duke

Blonde vo­cal­ist Marilyn Duke worked with Jolly Coburn’s or­ches­tra in 1937 and joined Vaughn Monroes band in early 1941. She left Monroe in July 1943 and sang with Will Osborne be­fore start­ing a ten-week solo ap­pear­ance in Boston in June 1944. She was back with Monroe the fol­low­ing month how­ever. In November of that year, she pro­vided fe­male vo­cals on Monroe’s num­ber one hit The Trolley Song,” the first song recorded by Victor af­ter the end of the American Federation of Musician’s record­ing ban. Duke was gone from Monroe’s or­ches­tra soon af­ter.

In September 1944, Duke mar­ried Boston amuse­ment park owner Peter Brien. She also co-wrote the song I’ll Love You Forever” with Teri Josefovits that same year. In the mid-1950s, she was singing in Las Vegas.


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  • Foolin' Myself
    Jolly Coburn (Marilyn Duke), Bluebird (1937)
  • G'Bye Now
    Vaughn Monroe (Marilyn Duke), RCA Victor (1941)
  • The Trolley Song
    Vaughn Monroe (Vaughn Monroe, Marilyn Duke), RCA Victor (1944)

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