Miriam Shaw

Photo of Miriam Shaw

Miriam Shaw joined Les Brown in 1937, be­com­ing the first fe­male vo­cal­ist for his new band. She recorded sev­eral num­bers dur­ing her three-year stay and was pop­u­lar with crit­ics. Brown’s early band strug­gled and was ac­cused of lack­ing per­son­al­ity and stage pres­ence, though Shaw was of­ten sin­gled out as hav­ing showmanly at­trib­utes.”

Shaw left Brown’s or­ches­tra in February 1940 for Richard Himber and dis­ap­peared from the an­nals of his­tory. She was re­placed in Brown’s band by Wendy Bishop.


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  • From Now On
    Les Brown (Miriam Shaw), Bluebird (1938)

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