Phyllis Lynne

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Often de­scribed by crit­ics as a com­pe­tent but un­ex­cit­ing singer, Phyllis Lynne kept busy dur­ing the 1940s but never set the world on fire. Lynne, whose name was some­times mis­spelled Lynn, first worked with Paul Pendarvis and other name and semi-name” bands in the West be­fore join­ing Russ Morgan’s or­ches­tra some­time be­fore August 1941, stay­ing un­til June 1942. June 1943 found her with Chico Marx, and in late July of that year she signed with Vaughn Monroe, where she re­placed Marilyn Duke. She left Monroe in April 1944 to join Frankie Carles or­ches­tra, pass­ing up a con­tract of­fer from 20th Century Fox in August that year to re­main with the band.

Lynne left Carle at the first of September 1945 and in early 1947 ap­peared in the Broadway mu­si­cal Toplitzky of Notre Dame. In September 1951, she joined a new Western or­ches­tra formed by Gene Autry mu­si­cal di­rec­tor Carl Cotner. In sum­mer 1952, she sang with Autry on his record­ing of Don’t Believe a Word They Say.”


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  • I Was Here When You Left Me (I'll Be Here When You Get Back)
    Frankie Carle (Phyllis Lynne), Columbia (1945)

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