Rosemary Calvin

Photo of Rosemary Calvin

Detroit native Rosemary Calvin sang locally with Lee Walters’ orchestra in 1937 and on radio stations WJR and WWJ. She was with Freddie Rich in 1940, where she made her first recordings. In early 1945, she joined Vaughn Monroe, staying until August when she left for George Paxton, where she first worked with trumpet player and scat singer Johnny Bond. In early 1947, she sang with Les Elgart and in the fall joined Ray Eberle’s orchestra, where she once again worked with Bond. When Bond left Eberle in February 1948 to form his own combo, she joined him as vocalist. That year she also signed with the Majestic label and released two sides with the Tony Mottolo Four.

By late 1948, both Calvin and Bond were back with Paxton. When the bandleader scrapped his orchestra in early 1949 to open a music publishing house, she joined Bond again as vocalist for his new five-piece orchestra. Bond’s new outfit met with much more success than his previous efforts, with the group recording on the MGM label in 1949 and on Capitol in 1950. Calvin often received co-billing with Bond and remained with the band until at least late 1951 when it disbanded.

Calvin’s father, Lee, was stage manager for Spike Jones.


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  • How High the Moon
    Freddie Rich (Rosemary Calvin), Vocalion (1940)
  • A House with a Little Red Barn
    Freddie Rich (Rosemary Calvin), Vocalion (1940)
  • Rum and Coca Cola
    Vaughn Monroe (Rosemary Calvin), RCA Victor (1945)
  • So-o-o-o-o in Love
    Vaughn Monroe (Vaughn Monroe and Rosemary Calvin), RCA Victor (1945)
  • Love on a Greyhound Bus
    George Paxton (Rosemary Calvin, Johnny Bond and the Five Lynns), Majestic (1945)
  • Just the Other Day
    George Paxton (Rosemary Calvin), Majestic (1946)
  • South America, Take It Away
    George Paxton (Rosemary Calvin), Majestic (1946)
  • In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
    George Paxton (Rosemary Calvin), Majestic (1946)
  • You Don't Learn That in School
    Tony Mottola Four featuring Rosemary Calvin, Majestic (1947)
  • Mama, Do I Gotta?
    Tony Mottola Four featuring Rosemary Calvin, Majestic (1947)
  • Bluebird on Your Windowsill
    Johnny Bond and his Orchestra (Rosemary Calvin and Johnny Bond), MGM (1949)
  • Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! (Back to Me)
    Johnny Bond and his Orchestra (Rosemary Calvin and Johnny Bond), MGM (1949)
  • You Broke My Heart with Be-Bop
    Johnny Bond and his Orchestra (Rosemary Calvin and Johnny Bond), MGM (1949)
  • Be Goody, Good, Good to Me
    Johnny Bond and his Orchestra (Rosemary Calvin and Johnny Bond), MGM (1949)
  • (Put Another Nickel in) Music! Music! Music!
    Johnny Bond and his Orchestra (Rosemary Calvin and Johnny Bond), MGM (1950)

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  • One Night Stand: Vaughn Monroe
    February 6, 1945 (AFRS) 29:21


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