Wendy Bishop

Photo of Wendy Bishop

A na­tive of Peoria, Illinois, blonde vo­cal­ist Wendy Bishop sang with Cincinnati band­leader Deke Moffitt in early 1939. Moffitt, long pop­u­lar as an or­ches­tra leader in lo­cal the­aters, had just formed his first dance band. By very early 1940 Bishop had joined Dick Stabile. She had also mar­ried pi­anist Arturo Arturos and sang with his seven-piece Latin combo in Atlantic City. She be­came a part of Les Browns band in February 1940, re­plac­ing Miriam Shaw. Bishop stayed with Brown for only a short time, leav­ing in July to re­turn to Atlantic City and her hus­band’s group. She re­mained as vo­cal­ist with Arturos through at least the end of 1942. Doris Day re­placed her in Brown’s band.

Bishop be­came a sta­ple on the New York night­club cir­cuit dur­ing the 1940s. She made a soundie, Blue Moon, for RCM in early 1946, and an­other, I Fall in Love With You Every Day, that same year with fel­low night club singer Johnny Thompson for Soundies. She was singing in Miami night clubs in 1948. Critics al­ways com­pli­mented Bishop’s voice. Sadly, though, she never en­tered the record­ing stu­dio, and her soundies ap­pear to have been lost to his­tory. Modern au­di­ences can only guess how she sounded.

A very pretty girl, Bishop was of­ten the sub­ject of pin-up pho­tos in which she bared her legs. Those pho­tos be­came a fa­vorite of Down Beat mag­a­zine dur­ing 1940 and 1941. Down Beat twice gave Bishop’s age as 24 in 1940, though she wrote them, and they pub­lished, a let­ter of cor­rec­tion in August of that year. Bishop stated that her true age was 19.


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