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Trumpet player Dick Barrie was a mem­ber of Kay Kysers or­ches­tra be­fore he formed his own group in February 1936. The young band, with an av­er­age age of 22, proved pop­u­lar among the dance crowd and quickly at­tracted ra­dio in­ter­est. Vocalists were Barrie him­self, Anita Boyer, who was Barrie’s wife, and Kenny Stoker. The or­ches­tra also fea­tured the Three Shieks vo­cal group and a glee club. Later male vo­cal­ists, in 1939, were Eddie Metcalfe and Burt Rogers. The or­ches­tra recorded on the Vocalion la­bel in 1938 and 1939 and had their own ra­dio show on the Mutual net­work.

Boyer quit the band in the sum­mer of 1939, join­ing Tommy Dorsey in October of that year, and the cou­ple sub­se­quently di­vorced. Blanche Labow re­placed her as vo­cal­ist. The group was ac­tive through at least September 1941. Sometime soon af­ter that, though, Barrie scrapped it and re­turned to be­ing a side­man again, work­ing in Cecil Davidson’s or­ches­tra in early 1942, act­ing as the band’s em­cee as well as play­ing trum­pet.

In February 1943, Barrie formed a new six-piece out­fit and hit the cock­tail lounge cir­cuit. Sax player and arranger Ted Phillips was named al­ter­nate leader in case Barrie was called into the ser­vice, which hap­pened by mid-year when Barrie en­tered the Navy. He spent the rest of the war as a flight in­struc­tor at Lockport, Illinois.

Dick Barrie was the brother of singer Gracie Barrie, who mar­ried sax­o­phon­ist and band­leader Dick Stabile. In January 1941, Barrie’s trum­pet was ap­par­ently stolen.


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  • I Have Eyes
    Dick Barrie (Anita Boyer), Vocalion (1938)
  • You're A Sweet Little Headache
    Dick Barrie (Dick Barrie), Vocalion (1938)

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