DCMA Removal Policy

If you believe that you own copyright on any visual or audio material used by BandChirps, please note that we only host music that is freely available from the Internet Archives. Such material has been taken from original 78rpm sources and is considered by the Internet Archive as public domain. With the addition of the Kahle/Austin Foundation collection to the archives, we're now hosting more music than we did in the past. Absolutely no music hosted on this site has been taken from any modern source or ripped from any CD. All radio programs we host are public domain. All videos are embedded from YouTube, and none are hosted on this site.

We don't link to any downloadable material other than what's freely available through the Internet Archives, so please don't report us to Google as a pirate site. We most certainly aren't, though we know that your DCMA process is probably automated and no one is actually reading this statement, and that you'll submit us to Google for removal at some point anyway just because your automated search picked up on a keyword, and Google will automatically remove us without any human actually reviewing the site to verify that it is or isn't a pirate domain, but we can at least be nice and ask up front for you to not waste our time having to appeal such removals.

We do know, however, that music published from 1923 onward is protected through America's draconian copyright system which locks up songs well past the time anyone would consider reasonable for making a profit on them and seals off America's cultural heritage behind a paywall. We also realize that no sound recordings are in the public domain due to the complex and insane tangle of federal and state laws as well as recent conflicting court rulings. We present a limited set of recorded music here as educational material. It gives the reader a chance to sample an artist's work and hopefully encourages them to discover more about that artist and maybe perhaps buy their music. So if you consider yourself a copyright holder to any recorded song used on this site, we'd hope you're savvy enough to understand that asking us to remove embeds of 70- and 80-year-old music benefits no one.

If you're still insistent on losing potential sales or fans for the artist you represent, please send your DCMA notices here. They'll be reviewed by human eyes and checked for completeness and accuracy, and if they pass review we'll oblige under the law and remove the embed.