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Singer Lillian Lane appeared with Claude Thornhill’s orchestra in 1941 and 1942, where she sang both solo and as a member of the Snowflakes vocal group, which was an amalgam of all four Thornhill vocalists. She appeared with the band in a 1942 soundie, titled America, I Love You, released by Minoco.

In December 1942, Lane replaced Anita Boyer in Jerry Wald’s band. She stayed with Wald until at least February 1943. By June of that year, she had become a member of George Olsen’s orchestra.

Lane joined Gene Krupa’s new band in July 1944. She sang both solo and backed by a vocal group, Her Escorts. She left Krupa in 1945 for Artie Shaw, being replaced in Krupa’s band by Anita O’Day.

In January 1946, reports in the same week named Lane as joining Tony Pastor’s band as well as Tex Beneke’s Glenn Miller orchestra. It was with Beneke she sang for most of 1946 however, appearing in two musical shorts with the band, She left the group in November to go back to Shaw.

In early 1947, Lane sang with Benny Goodman, recording “I Want To Be Loved.” Later that year, she became a member of Bill Milner’s new orchestra, recording with them as well. She also signed as a solo artist to the Hucksters label. In 1948, she recorded with the Page Cavanaugh Trio on Victor.


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  • Everything I Love
    Claude Thornhill (Lillian Lane), Columbia (1941)
  • I Said No
    Claude Thornhill (Lillian Lane), Columbia (1941)
  • Be Careful, It's My Heart
    Claude Thornhill (Lillian Lane), Columbia (1942)
  • Invitation to the Blues
    Gene Krupa (Lillian Lane), Radio (1944)
  • I Should Care
    Gene Krupa (Lillian Lane), Columbia (1945)
  • Someday Soon
    Gene Krupa (Lillian Lane), Radio (1945)
  • Uncle Remus Said
    Tex Beneke and the Miller Orchestra (Lillian Lane and vocal group), RCA Victor (1946)

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  • Serenade in Blue
    "Serenade in Blue"
    Tex Beneke (Crew Chiefs, Arthur Melvin, Lillian Lane)

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